Die Sichtweise eines Kletterers (re-post)

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Philipp Lennartz

Sales Assistant
bei SportScheck GmbH
Philipp Lennartz ist seit über 16 Jahren leidenschaftlich im Klettersport unterwegs. Verbunden mit der vorhanden Onlineaffinität war die Entstehung dieser Seite eine logische Konsequenz.

Qualifikationen Sport:
# B.A. Sport und angewandte Trainingslehre (FH)
# Trainer B & C Wettkampfklettern (DAV)
# Fitnesstrainerassistent (DSSV)
# Bouldern bis fb 8a+
# Sportklettern bis 10-/10 UIAA
Boulder/Routen Tickliste auf 8a.nu

Qualifikationen BWL:
# Sport- und Fitnesskaufmann (IHK)
# SAP-Einkäufer (SGD)
# Online-Marketing-Manager (IHK)
# Dipl. Online-Marketing (Shaw-Academy)

Direkter Kontakt:
XING | Linkedin
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Mal eine andere Sichtweise aus dem Leben eines Kletterers - sehr überspitzt aber amüsant - so hat sich sicher schon jeder, der länger dabei ist mal gefühlt. Den Originalpost gibt es hier

I hate climbers.

I tell my friends this and they seem surprised. They ask me, “You hate climbers? But aren’t you a climber? You rock climb right? Doesn’t that make you a climber?”

Yes, I climb. And no, I’m not a fucking climber. Fuck those guys.

Ever talk with a climber? None of it ever makes sense. They’re full of slang and jargon and gear and I always feel like I need a dictionary to talk with them.

What the hell is a redpoint? How’s that different from an on-sight? Trad versus sport versus bouldering versus alpine? Mixed? What’s free-soloing? What about aid climbing? What’s the V scale? Or the Yosemite Decimal System? What’s an overhang? How about a dihedrals? Cracks? Slab? Liebacks? Stemming? Fist jams. Stacking. Highballs. Whippers. Decking. Jugs. Pinches. Underclings. Beta. Chossy. Sandbagged.

No clue? Don’t worry, once you figure out the vocabulary, you realize every friggin’ conversation is the same. All that climbers talk about is climbing.

Not a climber? Tough luck buddy. You’re not going to be able to hold a conversation.

Something like:
“Man, I was totally pumped out on the roof, but then I got my foot over and heel hooked the shit out of it, and when I got over the overhang, there was this fat thank-god jug, so I grabbed it and mantled over and put in a cam and just hung there for a while. I didn’t think I was going to make it, but man, it was sweet.”

Or the route beta:
“It’s got a pretty awkward off-width start, but if you go to the right, you can just climb the slab and get back into a bomber hand crack.”

“It’s got great fist jams and takes pro pretty good, but then there’s a steep crux with a bouldery move near the top.”

And they’ll do this for hours. Back and forth. This climb, or that climb. It’s J-Tree or Yosemite or Tahquitz or the Buttermilks or Red Rocks or the Alabama Hills or wherever. They’ll rattle off climbs with names like White Lightning or Traitor Horn or Overhang Bypass. In areas like The Old Woman or The Blob or Intersection Rock. It’s like this for hour after hour, night after night. The same shit around the campfire.

Weiter geht's im Originalpost - Viel Spaß!  :mrgreen:


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